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The Properties Available for Investment Empty The Properties Available for Investment

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:18 pm

TriadCasa LLC works exclusively with private lenders and investors to purchase real estate in the Triad area. Private lender’s investments are secured by the property with loans valued at 75% or lower of the property value after renovations, ensuring maximum security on the investment.

How it works
When we obtain a Sell your house in Winston Salem that we’d prefer to finance, we’ll submit an executive summary or an appraisal report to lenders like you who’ve shown an interest in investing. Our reports usually include: property details, pictures, financial information, and a description of repairs needed. If after you’ve done your due diligence you’re interested in the investment, we’ll have an attorney draft all the necessary documents for closing which will be held at a local title company.

Types of loans
Typically the properties available for investment are single-family residences that need repairs or updating. The loan value may vary depending on our exit strategy for the property, but it will be no more than 75% of the ARV (after repair value). Most loans are short-term (6-12 months) and it is a relatively a quick and easy process . Occasionally though we need longer-term funding (12+months), but these require you to be on a waiting list because of high demand (higher rate of return). These generally pay an interest rate of 6% or more and will include due diligence reports which are discussed above (usually no longer than 5 years.

If you’d like more information about becoming an investor or private lender, please fill out the form below. We’re happy to explain our process and answer any questions you may have about properties available for investment.


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